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July 1: NEW Multi Event logger with custom membrane keypad. Raised buttons, tactile 'click' feel, high contrast graphics and excellent durability. More

July 1: Updated: Simplified product range and reduced logger pricing.

April 31: New Fax Number We've changed locations and have a new fax number. Our new number is +61 (0)2 96463843

April 25: GPS Receiver prices reduced. Lower prices for all SirfStarIII GPS receivers. More

April 4: GPX File Support Available Now. GPX files are compatible with many applications including Google Earth and Garmin Mapsource. Click here for more information about the GPX format. Click here for our support page.

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GPS Receivers

Our GPS receivers are small 'smart antenna' type receivers designed for use with a PC, laptop, PDA or our GPS Dataloggers. We have been testing GPS receivers for years, and we believe these offer exceptional performance and value for money. Sensitivity is excellent, there is an integrated backup battery for clock and satellite ephemeris, and the receivers are WAAS capable.

All receivers come with a DB9/PS2 interface cable suitable for a laptop PC. Other cables are available, including a USB adapter and a 12V power/data adapter for use with our GPS Dataloggers.

All of our GPS receivers use the latest SirfStar III chipset. This chipset has exceptional sensitivity and can track up to 20 satellites. We believe the SirfStarIII is the best technology currently available for a low-priced commercial GPS.

To ensure customer satisfaction, we functionally test every unit before we ship.

GPS Receiver

HI-204III Cable GPS

  • SirfStarIII GPS chipset
  • Ultra high sensitivity -159dBm
  • Water resistant housing with magnetic base
  • Non-slip padded base for stability
  • Package includes RS232 interface cable
  • AUD129 (was AUD139) inc GST and Express Post (Australia)
  • Click here for more information
GPS Receiver

MR-350 Permanent Mount GPS

  • SirfStarIII GPS chipset
  • Waterproof permanent-mount bulkhead mounting
  • Long 5 metre cable
  • Package includes RS232 interface cable
  • AUD199 (was AUD229) inc GST and Express Post (Australia)
  • Click here for more information