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July 1: NEW Multi Event logger with custom membrane keypad. Raised buttons, tactile 'click' feel, high contrast graphics and excellent durability. More

July 1: Updated: Simplified product range and reduced logger pricing.

April 31: New Fax Number We've changed locations and have a new fax number. Our new number is +61 (0)2 96463843

April 25: GPS Receiver prices reduced. Lower prices for all SirfStarIII GPS receivers. More

April 4: GPX File Support Available Now. GPX files are compatible with many applications including Google Earth and Garmin Mapsource. Click here for more information about the GPX format. Click here for our support page.

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Serial Data Loggers

Save Up To 8.6 million bytes of data. Store and retrieve any serial data stream with ease. Perfect for in-field data gathering applications.

Many of our GPS Datalogger customers have asked for a 'Generic' datalogger based on our popular and reliable GPS Datalogger. The Serial Datalogger series will store all received serial data, not only ascii text, but all data from 00h to FFh. Data is downloaded using standard terminal software such as Hyperterm.

Serial Data Logger
Serial Data Logger

ALL-XM8 Serial Logger

  • Stores up to 8.6 million bytes of data
  • Long Battery Life
  • Nonvolatile Memory preserves data if power is removed
  • Reads serial RS232 data
  • Data Rate field-adjustable using DIP switches
  • Lightweight - suitable for portable applications
  • No special software required
  • Click here for more information