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Serial Data Logger Specifications

All of the following specifications have been tested in the field.

Specifications are conservative and in most cases the Serial Data Logger will perform better than specified.

Note: Due to constant product development, specifications are subject to change.

Functional Description:

This Data Logger will capture and store all incoming serial data. All values from 00h to FFh are captured.

Data can then be downloaded using a standard terminal emulation package such as Hyperterm. Special download software is not required.

The Datalogger has two modes of operation, controlled by a voltage level on pin 1 of the DB9 connector:

  • Capture mode:
    • Pin 1 high (open): All incoming data is captured to memory
  • Download/Command mode:
    • Pin 1 low (shorted to ground): Datalogger will wait for a command
    • Download will commence when the 'download' command is received
    • Memory can be cleared with a separate 'clear' command

A download cable is supplied, which will enable command mode when connected to the Datalogger.


Storage Capacity
(millions of bytes):
DIP Switch: Easily accessible, inside battery compartment
Functions can be selected in the field, during operation
Capture baudrate: 2400, 4800, 9600, 19200 selectable by DIP switch
Download baudrate: 57600bps or 115200bps selectable by DIP switch
Data Type: Async, 8bit, No parity, 1 stop bit (8N1)
Battery: 9 Volt Alkaline PP3/1604 (Duracell® PC1604 Supplied)
Battery Life: Better than 10 days operating.
Better than 1 year in Standby mode
Up to 4 years if External Power used (alkaline battery shelf life)
External Power: 10Vdc to 30Vdc (36Vdc Absolute Maximum)
Supply Current: Typically 1.2mA operating
Typically 50uA standby
Connector: DB9M, same as PC serial port:
Pin 1: Mode Select (Capture/Download)
Pin 2: Receive Data
Pin 3: Transmit Data
Pin 5: Ground
Pin 9: External Power
Dimensions: 66 x 112 x 28 millimetres
(2.6 x 4.4 x 1.1 inches)
Weight: 200 grams including battery
Colour: Light Grey
Case Material: ABS plastic


Serial Data Logger


Serial Data Logger

Minimum Requirements:

  • Pentium-class PC, Minimum 90MHz, 16MB RAM
  • 10MB HDD space
  • Spare RS-232 COM port
  • Windows 95, 98, NT 4.0, 2000, XP, or higher
  • GPS receiver with NMEA 0183 data output
  • Data Cable with connector to suit your data source
    • Use the 4-wire cable supplied, to make your own cable
    • We can supply power/data cables for many GPS receivers
    • Use your existing instrument to PC cable if you have one