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Multi Event Data Logger with GPS+Glonass Receiver *Evo1*

Multi Event Data Logger

  • Datalogger with 5 Event buttons
  • Integrated GPS+Glonass receiver
  • For survey and data gathering applications
  • Wildlife surveys
  • Flora and fauna statistics
  • Transport studies
  • Geological surveys
  • Stores up to 480,400 track log points
  • Selectable sample rate, NMEA rate or Programmable 5 seconds to 15 minutes
  • Nonvolatile Memory preserves data if power is removed
  • Memory saving 'Automatic Save' function
  • GPX file support
  • Long Battery Life
  • Lightweight
  • Need externally wired events? Can Do, please ask us!

EVENT Buttons:

  • Each Event button is separately identified in the Datalogger file
  • Each Event button is assigned a different waypoint symbol in an Ozi Explorer waypoint file
  • Store a timestamped position whenever pressed, independent of other options selected
  • Log in NORMAL mode and only store a Timestamp when required, for maximum capacity
  • Events can be saved in Ozi Explorer Event file format
  • Events can be saved in Ozi Explorer Waypoint file format
  • Events can be saved in GPX file format
  • Event buttons can be pressed simultaneously


  • Integrated GPS+Glonass receiver
  • Long Battery Life:
    • Over 1 year in standby mode
    • 20 hours in continuous operation mode
    • Uses a standard 9V alkaline battery, or
    • Accepts 10Vdc to 30Vdc external power
  • Five EVENT buttons on front panel
  • Nonvolatile Memory preserves data if power removed
  • Memory saving 'Automatic Save' function
  • Lightweight - suitable for hiking, biking and walking
  • Selectable sample rate, 1 second or Programmable 5 seconds to 15 minutes
Model: Data Stored: Track Point
(in metres):
Position Date Time Altitude

Evo1, Evo1r

Yes 480,400
Yes Yes Yes 360,300
Position Resolution: 2 metres
Event Sources: 5
Download Speed: 115200 bps

Package Contents:

  • Data Logger unit complete with 5 Event buttons
  • Download Cable: Logger to PC
  • Power Cable: Logger to car lighter plug
  • Download software (PC Windows compatible)
  • 9V Duracell® alkaline battery included
  • FREE delivery within Australia. Outside Australia please contact us for courier costs!